BodyBilt R3507 Executive leather

BodyBilt R3507 Executive leather

Ergonomic adjustability and comfort are at the heart of this exceptional chair. Many top business executives and more than one American president choose this model for their private offices. With over 21 ergonomic features as standard, and many more to choose from as options, this chair is the culmination of BodyBilt’s superior design, quality components and hand-built attention to detail: a stunning choice for the ultimate in comfort and support.

Standard Features

  • High-Back: 22.0” (60cm) long x 21.5” (54.5cm) wide
  • Compact High-Back: 20″ (50cm) long x 20” wide at bottom 16″ (40.5cm) wide at top
  • Upholstered Back Shell
  • Backrest angle adjustment: 15° range
  • Backrest height adjustment: 4” (10cm) range
  • Height adjustable neckrest
  • Armrest height & angle adjustment
  • Armrest width adjustment
  • Soft leather upholstered arm pads
  • #7 Seat Dimensions: 19”D (48cm) x 21”W (53.5cm)
  • Seat height adjustment: 5.5” (14cm) range
  • Seat tilt adjustment & tension control
  • Seat slider adjuster: 2” (5cm) range
  • R-style adjustment mechanism (bi-synchronous controls)
  • Swivel: 360° range
  • BodyBilt’s “Ish Dish” decreases seated pressure to provide added comfort
  • Chrome 26” (66cm) five-star base
  • Carpet casters
  • Memory S’port® foam
  • S2 Stitching
  • Inflatable Air Lumbar®

Optional Features

  • Reduced Contoured seat at no additional charge
  • 4 Optional specialty arms
  • Low, medium & high gas-lift
  • Leather fabric option available in: Black, Burgundy, Forest Green, Brown, Blue
  • Chrome detailing
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