BodyBilt #2 seat

BodyBilt #2 seat_001

BodyBilt #2 seat

All BodyBilt seats are made, by hand, using traditional upholstery methods. This is BodyBilt’s most contoured seat and one of the most popular. It has a number of passive ergonomic features that make it particularly suitable for medium to large build men and women who appreciate a more ‘natural’ seated posture.

Standard Features

  • U-shaped contouring and leg troughs – creates a greater amount of contact with the legs and buttocks, spreading the weight of the body more evenly and effectively lowering seated pressure
  • Front pommel – encourages the sitter to move back into the seat and take full advantage of the back support
  • Waterfall front- designed to reduce the risk of creating pressure points on the back of the upper legs
  • Ish Dish* – a combination of strategically placed spacings (at the right and left ischial tuberosity of the pelvis, and at the coccyx or tailbone) to create comfort and support without creating a pressure point – unique to BodyBilt designs. As with every BodyBilt seat, this model is made by hand, using traditional upholstery methods.

(Note: this seat configuration has been highlighted as unsuitable for hip replacement patients)