About us

About HMErgo Seating

At HMErgo, we’ve over 20 years experience in helping people find their ideal BodyBilt chair, from our friendly, family run business based near Saffron Walden. We’re happy to work with clients directly or through their health professional and we offer a totally bespoke service from the first phone call to the final fitting.

All BodyBilt chairs are engineered to reflect the concepts of natural (zero gravity) posture and revealed by studies made by NASA. Each chair is hand-built and upholstered by skilled workers in Texas, to your specifications, ready for dispatch and final fitting.

We hope we can help you find what you’re looking for, whether it’s to help alleviate pain caused by a medical condition, or simply because you appreciate the best in comfort and quality. So, why not get in touch, we’re always happy to answer any of your questions.

What our clients say about us

  • “I have gone from being told I could never work again to working 5 hours per day, and just went to 8 hours. This is a real testimony for the product that you sell. My condition has improved somewhat, however, chairs that offer the quality and position choices for comfort make all the difference.”
    Mary C
  • “I have loved my three BodyBilt chairs since I bought them over 10 years ago. As a therapist, I know that the primary hazards of my work arise from the many hours of sitting I must do each day.” Thanks again!
    SallyannLICSW, BCD
  • “I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia two years ago and have been to a support group that helps me in dealing with my pain. Since sitting in the chair for a short period of time, my hips don't ache, my mid back is not burning as much, and my whole outlook in the work force has changed. I feel better when I leave at the end of the day to go home, not feeling so exhausted. My pain will always be there but this product has made a world of difference for me. Many people who suffer like I do would benefit from this product.”
    Monica FSecretary HQ Air Force Recruiting Service
  • “I am extremely pleased with the chair. The thoracic S'port Ridge and lumbar support alone are worth the price of the entire product. It is a dramatic improvement over anything I have previously owned.”
    Steve M
  • My J3502 BodyBilt chair is fantastic - really, nothing short of what I had expected, only more so. Chair adjustability has always been an important factor for me to obtaining true ergonomic support and this chair has it in spades. The best two decisions that I've made with this chair were to include the S'port pivot arms and the Neckroll that you've recommended for my situation. These things make it an absolute dream to sit in the chair for hours on end and really ease my forearms and neck when doing extensive typing and mouse work.
  • “I bought this Chair over a decade ago and it has been the most comfortable seat in my home office. The only place I can sit for hours without back pain.”