Superior support with our 12 point posture


Built for you

If you are taller, larger in size, petite in build or have difficulty finding seating that’s comfortable, or you simply appreciate the best in ergonomic design, we handcraft chairs to your exact requirements. BodyBilt chairs can also help relieve the symptoms and side-effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Sciatica.

Sole European importer

For over 20 years HMErgo Seating has been the only importer of the world famous BodyBilt chairs across the whole of Europe. This unique relationship with the brand means we can provide the very best advice and service from enquiry to delivery – on any size of order or complexity of requirements.

Trusted professional advice

BodyBilt chairs are endorsed by medical and health professionals around the world and loved by thousands of people who use them every day. We’ll help you find the ideal chair for your needs whether that’s to help you back to work after an injury, to alleviate an on-going medical condition or simply to give you the unrivalled luxury only a hand-crafted chair can offer.

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